I have been using your products for about 5-6 months. I started with P&R [Protect & Restore Skin Renewal Cream] then CP Serum, then Super CP Serum, and now have started Super Cop. WOW - I am getting great results with Super Cop and no side effects (probably because I started with P&R and built up to Super Cop). I use a light coating of Super Cop every night on all areas of my face, including the eye area.

During the day, I'm using Exfol Cream and Serum (use cream for dry areas and serum for oily), plus P&R 7 [Day Cover] for sun protection.

Love your products. Going to try the Super Cop Extra Strength sample next week.

- BN

I just wanted to tell you that my husband saw such an improvement in my skin that he wanted to try some too. His skin has changed quite dramatically, it's really pretty amazing! He uses P&R with retinol, little CP Serum around the eyes, sometimes some Emu, sometimes some Squalane, and has just stared with some Exfol Serum.


Love the products! I am 52 years old and have been asked quite a few times now if my daughter and I are sisters. Even though she looks older than her 16 years, its still my favorite compliment. Thanks for your products.


Greetings from Mobile, Alabama!

I would like to begin my email with a testimonial. WOW! Your copper peptide products are great! I heard about your products on makeupalley.com. Everyone was raving about your products. I am a female: *50 years old, *have already gone through menopause, *don't take hormone replacement due to a history of maternal breast cancer, *have extremely oily skin, *have large pores, *still have acne break outs, *have wrinkles and sagging around and under eyes, around mouth, and under chin (neck area), and *have skin like fine tissue paper under eyes. MY FACE WAS A WRECK!!!!!!
What a mess! I needed help. I only wish I had taken pictures, but to tell you the truth, I didn't think your products would work. Well, after 2 weeks of using your CP Serum (item #90) and P&R with High Retinol and Oil of Lavender, I have DRAMATIC results. Every morning I cleanse my face with a mild soap, apply MD Forte Glycare with 15% AHA, apply your CP Serum, and finish up around my eyes and neck area with the P&R High Retinol and Oil of Lavender. The wrinkles around my eyes are very much diminished. The fragile, tissue paper-like skin under my eyes is improving. Even my neck area, which looked like loose chicken skin, looks much firmer. I was shopping for eye glasses today with my husband. I told the optical technician that I wanted glasses that made me look younger as I felt I looked old for 50. She couldn't believe I was 50. Her comment was, "You don't even have any wrinkles!" And this was without any makeup! For years the skin on my arms and legs have been like a road map: all dry and cracked. I started applying the P&R with High Retinol and Oil of Lavender to my extremities. Oh, my goodness! Instant results!!!!! My husband says my skin is as smooth as a baby's! It is! I'm letting everyone touch my skin because it is so soft. And, of course, I'm telling them about your products. My mother is 83 and has very fragile, friable skin on her arms. I am now using the P&R with High Retinol and Oil of Lavender on her. She loves it! Now my husband wants in on the renewal! Thank you again. Have a great day,


I have been using the exfol cream, P&R #3, and CP night eyes morning and night. I love the way my skin looks! I have been using the same regime (minus the eye cream) on my left hand and the difference between the 2 hands is amazing.

Can I include Renova in this regime? How? Is there anything else I should know about?
Thanks- I am forever greatful to your company for my results! CH @aol.com

Skin Biology - Many people layer P&R cream over Renova or Retin-A. It reduces the skin irritation.

I love your products. Been using them for a year now.

I was just at a large conference and was told by many people how incredible my skin looks. 2 people did not recognize me ( have not seen them for 3 years) they told me I looked 20!!!! :) I am 36. Keep up the great work. An extremely happy customer for life.


I received my Classic Skin Cream #2 last Thursday and really like it. It leaves my skin glowing and smooth. it also soothes and heals up my razor burn quicker! (I'm 37 year old male) It also helped heal a cold sore on my upper lip I tend to get them from time to time. they usually go away in a week or 10 days, this one faded in 4 days! it began drying and healing in 2 days, which was odd for me. I took the chance and dabbed a bit on the sore and waited. and wow! it began to heal.

I have a question I live in the central valley of California, where it does get hot. I have my AC running quite alot
but it can get warm after it's off, usually 80 in here. should I refrigerate the cream?? or is it safe and stable at room tempature??? I do keep it away from the light... please let me know..I want to make sure it stays potent.

R, California

Skinbiology Advice - The cream will remain potent but in heat it may develop a sulfer-like smell from protein breakdown. This is a very minor effect but humans are very sensitive to such smells. So you may prefer to keep it refrigerated.

Let me just start with praise for your products, your information filled web site and you customer service. I have seen nothing like your website or your service in any other e-tailing operation. I have been using the Protect and Restore #2 (classic) and am loving it. I have also been using a sodium-PCA spray as a moisturizer. Are these two products okay to use together? L.S.

Skinbiolgy Advice - Yes, you can use the products with sodium PCA spray

I have been using your products for over a year now and love them (Folligen conditioner / Folligen, Protect and Restore, Calypso's Oil, TriReduction). I'm 34, had combo skin, but since I've been using the P&R #2 my skin has completely evened out (normal, not oily or dry). I don't have sensitive skin, and actually I've been asked if I'm under 25 by several people since using the P&R system.


I have a few questions ..., but i first wanted to tell you how much I love your products. My first experience with blue copper products was with Osmotics in 1998. I liked the product but not the price, so after reading about you on the Beauty Buzz for a while, I decided to try P&R. That was February of 2000, and I have been a loyal customer ever since. I had fairly good skin before your products, but now my skin is as close to perfection as I would have ever hoped. I no longer wear concealer under my eyes, just a light coating of powder. I receive compliments on my skin all the time from women and men of all ages. I have gotten my mother, two sisters, and best friend hooked on P&R. I was a skincare and
makeup junkie for a while, but now my skin looks so wonderful, I use the bare minimum, and haven't considered using anything but P&R on my skin since last year. I am almost 32 years old, but am mistaken for being quite a bit younger, as my skin is as luminous as a teenagers!! Thanks again for your wonderful products and prompt service. Your products are far superior to anything in department stores, at a much more affordable price.


I love everything I have ordered to date. I have used Blue Copper in the past and I like P&R better.

I have been using PR #3 and during the day for a year and a half. At night, I use the Tri-Reduction. Thank you for putting out such great creams. I can not tell you how many people have told me they think I am in my 40's. I do not tell them I am actually 57. Keep up the good work. You have a loyal following.

B.P. @.......net

I have been trying your products with amazing results. I developed severe cystic acne once reaching the age of 35. I am having wonderful results with P & R #3.

I would like to add, I have been to numerous dermatologists for years! There has never been one treatment that can compare to your product. Thank you so much, this was truly a God send. Sincerely,

P., Ohio

I tried your suggestion to go easy and start with P&R 2. I still put a hydroxy acid afterwards. Although this is only my third day with these products, I am very thrilled to report that the Rosacea (or whatever it is on my cheeks) is virtually gone today. This is the first time in three years. I have tried numerous creams, skin care, and prescriptions all this time,
spending thousands of dollars, and nothing really helped. I can't believe I didn't even need the Retin-A. If these results continue you can consider me another lifelong fan of your products.

AM, ...............@cs.com

Thanks for the quick response Mike!

I sent an email to Dr. P. a few weeks ago. I got "carded" at a local store and I'm 37 years old! The P&R has made my skin glow ... no more blotchiness, less oil and fading freckles. R., ...........@direct.com

Skin Biology response - Our goal is to get everyone's body back to what it was at 17!

First of all I love the P&R classic cream #2. It has really helped the redness and irritation. I am 45 years old and my skin
is somewhat dry and sensitive, but Acne prone. I am currently using some Sage skin products, although I can not use the 6% smoothing cream (AHA's) as it makes me completely red. I also have started up on Retin A Micro, every
other night. I am putting P&R over this. Is this OK?

Thanks so much.

A., .........@AOL.com.email

Just thought I'd send a message:

I'm 37 years old and I just got carded for buying beer. The sales clerk seriously asked me if I was 21. How's THAT for using P&R?

R.J., ...............@mddatedirect.com

After using P&R1 as a make up base and P&R3 for night cream, I find I don't need a moisturizer. But the best part is that I had no chapped skin this winter.

C.G., Louisiana

I got my samples two weeks ago (P&R 2,3 & 7). Used P&R #3 first, but my skin reacted badly towards it. It got all itchy and red. I used this three times and then gave up on it. P&R 2 is wonderful. I use it at night and by morning my skin is smooth (and after two weeks of use) progressively clearer. I wrote to Dr Loren Pickart with feedback and I was advised that my skin is sensitive and should stick with the mild formulations. Interestingly, I never thought I had sensitive skin before...

P&R 7 I use for the day time. It is the one with sunscreen in it. I use it under make-up and it is great as a base. Makes the skin matte & smooth. Also, I had combo & oily T-zone before starting on P&R, I have noticed the oil production has dropped by approx. 50% since using 2 & 7. That alone to me is priceless! I would recommend it to anyone. P&R cream

JJ, @Beautybuzz.com

I started with Blue Copper, and when I started running out, I ordered some P&R samples. For my skin, I found that I got the same results from P&R #2. They're both copper peptide creams. P&R, I think, has more copper in it and doesn't have as nice of a texture or smell (although my husband SWORE blue copper smelled like "hot dog water" LOL). If you go to www.skinbio.com (the P&R website), there's some blue copper vs. P&R info (but, since they're trying to sell you P&R, evaluate accordingly).

LJ, Beautybuzz.com

I have been using P&R since about February and it is a night-time staple for me. I use P&R along with a hydroxy acid every third night. The other 2 nights I use L’Oreal Turning Point and my ‘treatment of treatments’, which is a whole bunch of things I combine together. This isn’t because I don’t like P&R. It’s just that I like my other nighttime treatments, and didn't want to eliminate any, so I just rotate them!!

I think the addition of a copper treatment, either P&R or Blue Copper, is good idea for anyone. I think the big hullabaloo was earlier in the year when people were just finding out about copper treatments, and then deciding on whether BC or P&R was to their liking. I have nothing against BC as a product, but it is rather expensive. I think P&R gives you all or most of the benefit at a fraction of the price. I have been using the strongest mentholated version of P&R during the summer, as I find the menthol quite refreshing, and it smoothes on my oily night-time skin very nicely. I’ll be ordering the strongest lavender-based version for the winter, when my skin is drier. P&R has definitely brought my skin to the ‘next level’ and I would highly recommend it to anyone. My pores are definitely smaller, and my complexion is clearer, softer, and more even than it has ever been. P&R can also be used around the lower eye area, and it has helped to keep my eyes as wrinkle and puffiness free as I would like, which is to say, completely free of them!! P&R also works on an assortment of ‘boo-boos’ I get from shaving or just exposure to chemicals and other environmental contaminants. P&R sure would help that poor unfortunate young lady who was burned getting her eyebrows waxed!! It also helps if you get more sun than your sunscreen can handle, too.


I started using P&R last Feb - and since then I really don't need a moisturizer-especially in the summer months. I have normal/combo skin that gets slightly oil in the t-zone and will get acne if I'm not careful about what ingredients I put on my face -or when I'm under stress and during my period..But now that fall-winter are here in Seattle I do like to use a light moisterizer in the day - My current fav is Aesop's Mandarin Cream its all-around outstanding -it's a little pricey at $35.00 a jar-but I think its worth it. Up until my supply recently ran out -I was also using Osmotics Kinetin..It's a really great product and with the P&R
I think it gave that little extra help..It feels great going on and really made my skin soft....

As far as which P& R I use--I use #3-which has high retinol content..I know that all those choices can be confusing..If you search thru the website-which can be very perplexing-you can find some descriptions of each one..If you are still not sure then e-mail them or call them. They are extremely helpful..and you can always order there sample pack-you get three choices-I think the price is around $12 or $14 -it includes the shipping and handling charges..the samples are generous and you can see which one works the best for you..again I can't stress enough to give the entire website a look-it is very exhaustive--but gives so much great info--and also e-mail or call if you have any ??? what-so-ever.. Hope this helps .. Good Luck

SA, @Beautybuzz.com

Sage is a complete skincare line while P&R is more of a treatment/healing cream. I'd suggest trying the Sage Try
Me Pack for combo skin and you can also get 3 different version samples of the P&R for $10 (that includes your
shipping fee). imho.. I think you should try the P&R because of the healing properties for your redness and slight
scarring. I think it only takes a few days to see visible results with the P&R. The skinbio.com site has a chart
that tells you which version is appropriate for your skin..just look for the link "Best P&R version for Your Stage of
Suze Ann, @Beautybuzz.com

I love and use the P & R creams and my skin has never looked better. Also a while back I tried -for 3 months- Osmoics Blue copper cream as well to see if it worked any better than the P & R -for those who aren't aware the maker of P & R is the original inventor of Osmotics Blue Copper cream....Anyway the P & R cream -in my opinion did just as good a job if not better-and for a whole lot less $$. I urge any of you who are interested to go to Skin Biology websites.. www.skinbio.com
a ton of info-and any ?? you have can be e-mail to them a be assured of a quick and thorough response...

N., @Beautybuzz.com

I've been using P & R for about a year and half and it has never caused an increase with my occasional break-outs in my t-zone..in fact I think that it actually helps to minimize it..I can't recommend the products enough..

I highly recommend you go to their website and set aside at least an hour to read thru all the extremely informative info on the products and skin-hair in general. The also offer sample packets of three items -of your choice-for around $11 dollars I believe. Last but not least you can also e-mail Dr Loren Pickart -the inventor of P & R -and also Blue Copper which he sold the copyrights to Osmotics- directly thru the company for any and all questions you may have about the products.. Again,I highly stress you go to their website..it has an exhaustive supply of info and it can be a little
trying when navigating the site..but it's well worth it..Good Luck !!! Suze

Skinbio has a product called Tri-Reduction (actually a system) which is specifically formulated to reduce scars (acne, sun pigmentation, etc.) The web site is extremely informative and Dr. Pickart is excellent at responding to e-mail questions. I am using the regular P&R and my skin tone has evened out dramatically, and the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks is already fading in some areas. There is even a comparison of Tri-R and Estee Lauder Diminish in there somewhere...

HM, @beautybuzz.com

Incorporating P&R with Sage

When I asked Barbara about this a while back, she suggested using the smoothing cream in the AM and the P&R in the PM without the smoothing cream. I don't see why it makes a difference, though, since you can use the P&R with a hydroxy acid, a stronger AHA used in combo with it at night should also be fine. I've had fine results with what I've been doing. I've always wondered if the AHA + the copper cream "cancel" each other out because one's exfoliating while the other's rebuilding! BUT, hey, my skin looks great, so SOMETHING good is going on! LJ, @ Beautybuzz.com

Skin Biology comment - P&R works very well with AHAs. The AHAs stimulate the removal of older skin while P&R stimulates the formation of new skin.

P&R - really smoothed out my skin - I'm even using it around my eyes now!

M, @Beautybuzz.com

I stopped using Chanel Emulsion - found that P&R from SkinBio made my skin look just as good for 1/4 the price.

S, @ Beautybuzz.com

Another vote here for P&R #3. I use this in the morning and a hydroxy acid at night and my skin has never been clearer. I too have combo skin, with occasional breakouts on forehead, nose, & chin, and those funny little bumps along my jaw & temples. This is great stuff, and the service has always been good. I also recommend trying their samples. I originally ordered two sets of samples, so I could try the 6 different formulations. Good luck!

GG @ Beautybuzz.com

I would like to take this opportunity to relate to you my experience with P&R after almost one month's use. I have suffered from chronic cystic acne as well as dryness in the area of the cheeks for many, many years. I have been using Retin-A (and occasionally topical and oral antibiotics) for 14 years with minimal positive results and significant irritation. I am sure I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars during these years on expensive skincare regimens, scrubs, miracle cures, dietary supplements, and the like.

I decided to give P&R a try after reading a number of positive testimonials on the BeautyBuzz.com message board in early December. After reading through your very informative website and speaking with your representative on the phone, I ordered P&R #2, Gentle Clean, and samples of #1 and #3. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive shipment to Austria in just 5 days. After using the 2-Step for only a few days, I could see a difference in my skin. I experienced some peeling and flaking at the beginning (as I related to you on the telephone) as well as the surfacing of many impurities in the form of tiny white bumps, which disappeared after a few additional days. In the second week of treatment I was able to completely stop using moisturizer as my skin was no longer dry, even after cleansing. I also noticed that all the hard little bumps that were just under the surface of the skin had vanished. I then switched to P&R #3 from my sample and at the end of the second week, my skin was noticeably softer and smoother. The skin color was greatly improved as well: translucent and natural-looking, no longer dull and blotchy. At the end of the third week, I was amazed to realize that I had not had even one new acne breakout in all the time I had been using P&R! Several nights I used Retin-A followed by P&R without any irritation or redness. I woke up to glowing skin every morning, and noticed that some hyperpigmentation from past acne had already faded and even the more noticeable marks seemed less dramatic. In the fourth week I have been forced to return to #2 (a friend demanded that I give her my #3 sample!) The fine dry lines on my cheeks and around my eyes seem to have become somewhat less noticeable and my skin has continued to improve overall. I have received a number of enthusiastic compliments on my skin. One friend even asked if I was sure I wasn't pregnant - she couldn't imagine any other reason for the sudden and drastic improvement. Really the most wonderful experience of all was when my husband came home from a business trip a few nights ago and said "You look so wonderful! Are you using a new makeup?" You can imagine my delight, telling him that I was only wearing P&R, mascara, and lipstick! He almost couldn't believe it. The results really are amazing. A month ago, I couldn't have dreamed my skin would look like this - ever! I really wished I had taken before-and-after pictures to show you the difference in my skin, but I am sure you believe me. I also love the Gentle Clean. I am able to remove makeup in just one or two lathers and it does not leave my skin feeling tight or drawn, as many cleansers have. I have been diligently referring friends and internet contacts to your website, and as you know, I am pleased to have been able to place an order for several of my girlfriends who have been impressed by the results of my month with P&R. This is really the first product I have ever used which I feel I can recommend to others wholeheartedly and without reservation. A final note as to my current regimen: 6 days a week I wash in the AM and PM with Gentle Clean. In the morning, I also use a light scrub of baking soda and aloe vera gel, which I rinse before applying a thin layer of P&R and then my cosmetics. In the evening, I apply a hydroxy acid and P&R, or twice a week I substitute Retin-A. One day a week (usually Saturday or Sunday) I simply wash my face in the AM and PM with Gentle Clean and then apply aloe vera gel and lip balm. I never would have imagined that the most effective regimen for my skin would be such a simple one. Now I look at the expensive cleansers, toners, and moisturizers in my cabinet and wonder what I will ever do with them all! In fact, it seems increasingly obvious to me that all these products have exacerbated my skin problems, probably even causing them and preventing my skin from healing. Thank you again for everything! I certainly wish you continued success with your Skin Biology products and look forward to the continued benefits of this little miracle. I am sure I will continue ordering as long as you continue to produce these excellent products. Sincerely,

H. M. M., Austria

I continue to love Protect & Restore. For someone 49, with an illness that impacts the skin, I get a lot of nice comments about my skin (lately more and more questions from strangers - markets, doctor's office, etc.). I always refer them to your website, and several ladies have ordered.

L. A., California

I have already started using the Tri-reduction P&R Basic, and I want to say I absolutely love it -- fragrance, texture, color, and (of course) results. I cannot say enough about your products -- I was using Blue Copper prior to reading about P&R in Paula Begoun's newsletter, and while I found it to be an elegant cream that was having an effect on my skin, the price really galled me. I cannot see spending an extra $70 for packaging! Figuring all things would be equal, I ordered P&R.

I find that P&R has had a much greater effect on my skin, particularly used in conjunction with Retin-A. P&R has been much more soothing and healing after application of Retin-A than Blue Copper was. I have started using P&R on my chest, where I have quite a bit of sun damage, and in 2 days am already noticing a difference. Thank you so much! Sincerely,

K. M., Florida

P&R#3 is working so well for me. When I bought it, I did not expect anything special but my skin is now very soft and smooth. I used to use retin-A and tried both AHAs and BHAs but all these did was leave me with a reddened and hardened skin.

I'm calling to now order the large P&R#3.

L.D., California

After I had been using P&R#3 for a time, I visited some old friends who thought (mistakenly) that I had stopped working. At dinner, they kept looking at me and commenting on my skin. Finally one old friend said, "Is your skin the way it looks because you don't have to work anymore?"

My skin is looking great and my husband agrees. I'm using P&R#3 at night and the P&R Day Cover in the morning.

B.P., Virginia

The P&R#2 and Gentle Clean have helped my skin more than anything in 30 years. They have cleared the oiliness and occasional acne. I have stopped using toners and many other skin products. My husband is also seeing a very good improvement on his skin.

K.P., Indiana

I sent Protect and Restore to my mom to try after it made such a difference in my own skin. After a few weeks, she told me that she loved it. After a few more weeks, she told me that she could not find it. Turns out that my dad stumbled onto it and hid it from her! Now, she's asked me to order more.

As a user of P&R for about 3 months, I have been amazed. I now have about 8 people that I have turned onto it in that time that also love it. I never thought I'd have so many friends from a skin cream, but I do! I only hope that Folligen shows similar promise in aiding my hair problems.

S.F., California

I've been using P&R 2 step program for a few months and I LOVE it. I'm almost 42 and people are shocked when I tell them that! I've actually had 2 people tell me they thought I was 30 or 32. Personally, I think I look my age, but good -- and what more can you ask?? My skin was good before using P&R, but now it's fantastic!! Thank you.

My question is this: I can't remember what version I purchased. I think it was #2, but I can't be sure. Is there anyway to check? I've been tolerating this very well and thought I'd bump up to a stronger version. Again, thanks for developing such a wonderful line.

SPB, ..........@earthlink.net

At age 52, I am a very satisfied P&R user. For the first time in my adult life my skin is clear & even-toned with no "ruddiness" whatsoever & I don't look like an oil slick this summer! I am a happily satisfied customer for life.

Thank you for the wonderful, accessible products & your no-nonsense approach to skin care.
With P&R I'm truly 'getting better' with age!

A.J., Ohio

First I'd like to offer a cautiously optimistic testimonial--I think I'm on my way to being blemish-free for multiple days in a row! After that, maybe longer!!

As per your suggestion of a few months back (Feb. or so) I've been using P&R #2 in the morning, then a hydroxy acid a few nights a week, alternating with Avita tretinoin cream. The GOOD NEWS--After the first month I stopped using moisturizer, and after two months my pores are noticeably smaller, and I'm getting fewer breakouts. Then I thought maybe a different acne product would take care of the breakouts..... .......The P&R is truly wonderful!! I really thought nothing could improve my skin, and even with these few ongoing breakouts, my face overall looks and feels so much better!! I think I just had to be a bit more patient to see results, as my face was in pretty poor shape from years of using everything
short of Accutane. Please don't stop making this product!! I feel like I have a brand-new face--sometimes I look in the mirror and can't believe the difference--it's thrilling! Best regards and sincere thanks,

HS from Washington, DC

I first want to tell you what a terrific product you produce. My skin is very 'creamy' and healthy looking, it is not dry nor sensitive to AHA's anymore, and my undereye circles are practically gone!

J.F.S., Massachusetts

Order: (1) 4 oz. tube of P&R #3 please. I love the soap. Tried the #3 sample first. Wow, can't believe how my skin tone has evened out in both color and smoothness with no irritation. A first for me!

A.J., Ohio

The P&R #3 is has cleared my acne outbreaks, evened my skin tone, and really worked well on my skin. I am 34 and not using make up for the first time since I was 16.

J.K., Pennsylvania

I have recently been hearing info about several different formulations of the Protect & Restore, which I recently received from you. I love the formulation that was sent to me and would like to identify which one I have for future reorders.

I also would want to recommend this formulation to my friends, since this is the one I am getting results from. I understand there are now 4 formulations, and it's getting confusing. Thanks in advance, E.S., UK

This was a P&R #3 response.

Hello! I must say, although I'm sure you have heard it a million times, I LOVE the Protect and Restore cream! My skin looks better than it ever has. But on to my questions:

1. When I originally ordered, I received the first "new" version (the one immediately after the original menthol formula). Is this what is now know as Version 3, the high retinol version? I checked the ingredients list I received with my order versus the one listed on the web site and they appear to be the same, but I just wanted to verify so that when I re-order I order the correct version.

2. I have received a couple of orders of Protect and Restore as gifts (lucky me!) from friends after I couldn't stop raving about your product. My question is...does this "expire" or go bad? What is the storage time? I'm fairly stocked up at the moment and since a little goes a long way, I want to make sure that it will continue to be effective. Thank you so much for you kind help. C.M., .............@aol.com

This was a P&R #3 response. The P&R is stable and effective for more than 2 years.

First, let me say that I am a very satisfied P & R user. I've had very dry, flaky skin around my nose and mouth year round due to allergies. The rest of my skin was normal and smooth. I tried other moisturizers and AHA products, but none helped. I very rarely get dryness now.

H.B., Georgia

I still love my version #3 P&R and have experienced notable healing of blemish damaged areas. The redness disappears much more quickly than previously without the P&R. I do have a couple of quick comments and then a couple of questions.

First, I am so pleased you are now offering 4 ounce containers of P&R! I appreciate the opportunity to reduce costs and shipping. Now the questions. Another user (posting on Makeup Alley) shared an article about research on retinol that suggested that it could provide some protective benefits if used prior to sun exposure. Just in case, I have switched my P&R use to mornings rather than nights. Unfortunately, I really liked the luminous glow I got from evening use better - I'm wondering if the glow is less noticeable because I am covering the P&R with sunscreen and foundation right after applying it. Is there any lessening of effectiveness using it in the morning with extra products? Also, the same poster indicated that she is using it twice a day, which you don't seem to recommend on the site. Do you have any experience with people using P&R twice a day? What are the ramifications? I certainly don't want to damage my skin by overloading it in my over eagerness. Thanks as before for a great product at a reasonable price! S.C., ..........@teleport.com

Response: You can use P&R as much as you wish, morning or evening or both. P&R has a high UV absorbency due to the peptides, squalane and allantoin in the cream. While these cream ingredients are not FDA-approved UV blockers, they are probably safer than many FDA recommended sunscreens. Many sunscreens used in the USA have now been banned in Europe.

I have been using the classic formulation and my skin looks fabulous!! and i love that soap i got from you!!! i just wanted to write and let you know how extraordinarily pleased i am with the whole thing!!!

good skin!!! thank you!!! and as you may or may not recall, i am one of those people who can't use much of anything on my skin without having a reaction, and that i have rosacea, now almost gone. so i am doubly happy about the whole thing!!! thank you!! send me vats of the stuff if you ever decide to stop making it!!

L.S., Vermont

I wanted to share my experience with the products and get your input on a few issues. The first day I used the products my skin looked 100% improved; but by the second day I began breaking out and thought I might need to discontinue use, but I decided to be patient.

After only a few more days I stopped breaking out and the lesions began to heal. Now my skin looks 500% improved and getting better every day. You may want to warn customers of the possibility of this happening because I remember you saying that some people had returned the product because it caused them to break out. Encourage them to be patient as it will definitely be worth it. I have been using a "10% Glycolic Compound" called Aqua Glycolic from Herald Pharmacal.

V.H., Virginia

A friend gave me me some P&R #3 and it cleared up my chronic cystic acne! Nothing has done this in years.

R.N., Wappinger, NY

......after a wonderful experience with P&R formula #2 (Classic), I proceeded to experiment with P&R formula #3. At the time I was not aware that this version contained high retinol and lavender oils. Formula #3 led to a pretty gruesome hairline-acne breakout.

As I age (I'm currently 25 years old), I will be curious to see whether the #3 formula will affect me differently (i.e., positively). In the meanwhile, however, I am beyond ecstatic about my wonderful journey with Protect & Restore.

A. T., Hollywood CA

Hello! I must say, although I'm sure you have heard it a million times, I LOVE the Protect and Restore cream! My skin looks better than it ever has.

Thank you so much for you kind help.

Skin Biology: This was a P&R #3 response.

First, let me say that I am a very satisfied P & R user. I've had very dry, flaky skin around my nose and mouth year round due to allergies. The rest of my skin was normal and smooth. I tried other moisturizers and AHA products, but none helped. Since using P & R and a hydroxy acid, my whole face is smooth. I very rarely get dryness now.

H. B.

Skin Biology: This was a P&R #2 response.

I've had P&R for two and a half weeks now.......

It's truly amazing how much stronger treatments my face can now take. My skin is very smooth, and any tiny blemishes that make their way to the surface of my skin don't stand a chance -- they're gone within a day or two. Thanks, D. H.

Skin Biology: This was a P&R #3 response.

I have recently been hearing info about several different formulations of the Protect & Restore, which I recently received from you. ...... I love the formulation that was sent to me and would like to identify which one I have for future

Thanks in advance, E. S.

Skin Biology: This was a P&R #3 response.

P&R Classic (P&R # 2) -- wonderful! Finally, all of the good results with none of the bad. The one with retinol and lavender (P&R # 3) made me break out but worked well on my stretch marks. The one with lavender and less retinol (P&R #4) didn't do a thing. This one is menthol (but less than the original formula) and has less herbal fragrance (which also may have been contributing to the breakouts.

L.S., ..........@aol.com

Skin Biology comment - People vary greatly in the response to the different versions. The stronger (retinol) versions work very well on the face of many people but not with others. Many people demand P&R # 3.

I have received my order of the 2 step renewal system several days ago and have been using it for several days. I've found that my face has craved a lot less moisturizer. One acne spot (from weeks ago which didn't seem to want to go away) has finally cleared up. Thank you for such a great product.

V. T. ..........@idirect.com>

My girl friend who is 20 was having many skin breakouts. The P&R has really cleared up her skin. She wants to make certain that you keep selling this cream.

T.C., Arlington WA

Thanks very much for getting back to me, I will look for it next week, love your products, cleared up my skin when nothing else would!!

SM, Vancouver, BC

Having used your Protect and Restore product, I have to say I'm very pleased with the results. It's the best product I have used for improving my skin appearance.

Although I already had a good skin condition, your product did improve it. Furthermore, I smoke, so that would be one of the causes of unhealthier skin. After investigating what kind of products are available here in Holland, I have to say that your product is superior to anything available.

F R, The Netherlands

Please let me put my vote in for P&R Version 2 -- this is the one that works for me.

I would sell my first-born for another tube of Version 2. Well, maybe not. Perhaps I would trade my Honda Civic, though! So if you do make several versions, please consider making version 2 one of them.


I received my 2 step system Friday and must say I am so excited about your product. I have followed the instructions posted by Loren Pickart on beautybuzz; using the P&R alone first to get your skin used to the product. I just have to rave I already see the difference. I had three large red eruptions and several dark spots from old eruptions on my face and THEY HAVE FADED already. I can not believe this. I cried yesterday morning because my face looks so wonderful after three days I can only imagine what one, two, three etc. weeks will bring.

Your product has changed my life, really and I have been telling everyone I can about your wonderful product. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely, R.L., Florida

Protect and Restore is a miracle product--I can't live without it--no more red and flaky skin from Renova. My skin feels soft as silk. I love this stuff!!!

L. C., Manchester, MO

Oh by the way, I'm on day 2 of P&R 2 step system, and the red spots where acne was trying to come up, due to my monthly PMS, are almost gone. This stuff is incredible.

C.B. ......@indy.net

I have been using your P&R for one week. The result is amazing. Now I would like to order 2 more Protect & Restore for my sister.

L. F., Guangdong, P.R. China

Wow!!!! I just received mine yesterday, and put it on last night. First my face flushed bright red, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to use it. But I realized that it wasn't an allergic reaction -- no itching, etc. So I just waited it out, and the redness went down within 1/2 an hour (the reaction *could* have been from the Biore facial cleansing cloth that I used).

First, this stuff feels and smells really nice. A small amount spreads on very smoothly. I put makeup on over it, and went to the coffeehouse for a couple of hours. When I got home -- wow! Some of the little angry spots on my face had already practically disappeared. Amazing. And a large blemish had flattened out, and gotten much less red. I cleaned off my makeup (used a different cleanser this time), and reapplied the P&R. No red flush this time; just a little tingling, which stopped immediately. When I woke up this morning, I seriously thought my eyes were not focusing properly. My skin looks that much better. I can hardly wait to see what the effects will be after using it regularly for a few weeks! You have a real winning product on your hands here. I find that I want to buy about 10 tubes so I won't run out!!! It's that good. Thanks! I don't usually rave about products, but I just had to let y'all know how impressed I am.

D. H., ........@fc.net>

I have been using the 2-Step P&R Skin Renewal System for over a month now and am REALLY impressed. I rarely give feedback on anything, but this stuff REALLY works. My skin is SO clear and the oilyness has really gone down to a minimum. Practically no more breakouts, just the occasional pimple here and there. I sometimes use the BioHeal in place of both on days I feel my skin really needs it. All the products so far have been great, Especially the BioHeal! I was suffering from general itchiness from dry weather conditions, used to scratch a lot and my skin would get super irritated and I'd always have these small wounds. BioHeal has totally eliminated that and I don't experience the itching anymore!!! This is awesome and I've never found any topical ointments as effective as BioHeal.

Again, you have a superior product here and could easily be charging WAY more for it (like the Blue Copper), but I am thankful that you offer such a quality product for such an economical price. Again, many thanks!

V. V.
San Francisco

Thanks! My boy friend is really telling me how great my skin looks, and how great I look, and how great I am, and finally (after 2 years) wants to be more than just my boyfriend. Did you put an aphrodisiac into the P&R?


Skin Biology response: Aphrodisiac? Not that we know.

Send me more 2 P&R. It was working great but my mother took my P&R and won't give it back.

J.F, New York, NY

... So far I'm really pleased with the BioHeal and P&R. I recently went to the Philippines and all
my relatives kept asking me what I've been using because they say my face is so clear of blemishes and my skin looks so smooth! I have been very pleased with your products...

Thank you again!

V.V., San Francisco

The new P&R is working great. I like the oil of lavender in the cream and the amount seems to be perfect. The new cream spreads very well on my skin.

K.H., Crestview, FL

Everyone says I look younger every time they see me. Its wonderful to buy something that really works. And my husband says my skin is softer than it has ever been.

K. C., Willington, CT

Thanks for you prompt reply to my last e-mail.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I like your product. I didn't think my skin could look much smoother, since it was already in good condition. But, in less than a week, it did smooth out a rough trouble spot I've had for ages. And my skin looks really nice.

Comment: When I use Renova at night, I put the Protect & Restore over it or wait until morning to apply the P&R. I purchased the Protect & Restore a few weeks ago and it really helped my red irritated skin.

L.C., Manchester, MO

I am a 31 year old female who has had great success with your Protect & Restore cream. In fact, I don't plan to use any other product ever again...so I hope you'll make it forever!

Thanks again for your wonderful inventions!
J. B

I've been using your Protect & Restore Cream (over 7% AHA cream that I already had - I'll be getting your AHA when that's gone!) for a week now and am loving it to death. My skin has never looked or felt better - no new acne outbreaks, pre-existing acne is almost gone. My skin tone is 100% smoother since I started using it.

Is there any harm to using it during the day as well, in lieu of my regular moisturizer? I really love the texture of my skin when the P&R is on it & want to use it under my makeup (it seems like it would be a fabulous base), but don't want to stop using it at night (w/the AHA) with no makeup over it. So, would using P&R twice a day be too much of a good thing? ... I get poison ivy rash roughly once a year & am wondering if P&R might help with that?... S. H. Skin Biology response. 1. P&R is formulated in a moisturizer base and should function well as a moisturizer. But it may take a few weeks to build up your skin barrier and improve your skin's intrinsic moisture-holding properties. If you want to put another moisturizer above the P&R, this is OK. 2. Some women use P&R as a morning make-up base. Once your skin gets in better shape, using P&R about four times a week may be adequate.

3. Relatives in Minnesota tell us that P&R works great on poison ivy - much better than cortisone or other steroids. We tried to do a clinical study on its action after poison ivy skin irritation but we could not find enough people allergic to poison ivy in San Francisco.

I am LOVING my two-step Protect & Restore system. I've been using it for about a week now, and I think it is great. I think it's better than Blue Copper. By the way, I kind of like the smell. I wouldn't change a thing!!

One question - I find that at night I need a moisturizer over the P&R. I lean towards the dry side and I dehydrate easily. Is it okay to put some moisturizer over the cream? Thanks. sc@aol.com

Skin Biology response: Blue Copper is a very good skin cream. We are making some modifications in the medicinal smell of the Protect & Restore cream. It is OK to put a moisturizer over the Protect & Restore but the P&R should build up your skin within a few weeks and the dryness should be less of a problem.

As you know, I have had a problem with about eight large and embarrassing skin pores on various areas of my face. Maybe they came from teen-age acne but they never went away. My dermatologist suggested surgery whereby the pores is punched out and removed but said the procedure might leave a scar. I had tried Retin-A but it was not effective.

So I tried your idea on skin pores and it worked! About five or six nights a week, I mixed a hydroxy acid and the Protect & Restore and applied them to the areas of the pores and over other areas of my face. I didn't pay too much attention to what happened but after three months of use, I had forgotten about the larger pores. When I looked finally remembered and looked for them, I could only find one of them and it was almost normal in size. This is really great! S. B., London, U.K.

Skin Biology response: We have a had a number of reports on facial pore size reduction.
It is a pleasant surprise to us also!

Since I have been using Protect & Restore base - for the last four months - as a morning make-up base, my skin is looking much firmer and the pores in my facial skin seem to be smaller. It is the best skin cream that I have used.

W. R., Phoenix, AZ

The 2-Step System is working very well on my face. It has cleared up some red areas and my whole face has a very good skin color - even better than when I use "color cosmetics". I like using a product with some proof that it does something positive for skin. I think the cosmetic companies just lie all the time to women and sell a lot of creams that do nothing.

Sincerely, A.J., London, UK

I have been using the Protect & Restore as a night repair cream about three or four times a week. I apply the cream before going to bed. The results are great.

I've also used the other copper product - Blue Copper - and it works very well also. The copper creams are the best skin products I have ever used.

T.H., Atlanta, GA

The Protect & Restore has really solved my skin problems. I use Retin-A and AHAs but keep getting a very irritated and reddish skin. The copper cream (Protect & Restore) cleared up all the irritation and my skin is looking the best in many years.

N.D., Minneapolis, MN

I have Sjogrens disease and Lupus and have problems with very dry skin. Normally I use moisturizers several times a day but they don't really solve my skin problems. Since using Protect & Restore cream my skin is much better and is less dry. The skin also seems to be less irritated.

L. A., Sherman Oaks, CA

I must say I'm very impressed with 2-Step Renewal System. I have most definitely noticed a tightening effect on my skin, and I also like the non-greasy effect of your Protect & Restore as a base for make-up. It is moisturizing without being overly greasy. I have tried the very best , even La Prairie, eventually becoming a loyal purchaser of Lancome products almost totally.

I would be perfectly happy, on current results, to use your system totally now. It has an excellent price range: i.e. the consumer feels that she is paying for the product and not for the ostentatious packaging.

C. M. F., U.K.

I've had three women who used your 2-Step Skin Renewal System for over two months now. They all agree that their skin is much better and looks younger.

Best wishes,

D. P.,
Qunicy, MA

I used your skin system for six months. Recently I visited some friends and they said my skin looks 30 years younger.

F.L., Scranton, PA

Let me start by saying that I've never written a letter like this before. What compels me to write is the amazing results I've had since using your product "Protect & Restore"

My skin was in extremely bad condition. Lack of sleep combined with stress had caused a horrible outbreak of blemishes on my face. I used "Oxy-10" and was left with an awful red rash on my left check along with skin that felt dry, damaged and burnt. Then my doctor prescribed tetracycline (500 mg) along with 2% Acne Topical Solution (erythromycin) plus Benzoyl Peroxide 5% in "Panoxy Bar". This helped a little with the blemishes but made my skin more irritated and dryer. It also made me sick to my stomach. I then bought special soaps, expensive skin products from a television informercial, and vitamin formulas designed specifically for the skin. Nothing would eliminate the rash and dry skin. "Protect & Restore" was a last resort. I applied a thin coat of the cream before going to bed. Within 2 days the rash was completely gone. After 3 days I stopped using the heavy makeup that I was using. My skin looked clear and smooth and young looking. I went out without a stitch of makeup and at work friends told me how great my skin looked. As a further surprise, three men asked me for dates that day! L. S., West Hollywood, CA

....just a note to let you know that I have used the product (Skin Biology 2-Step Renewal System) for 3 weeks and have seen a marked improvement in my skin. What a great product!

Jan, Bellevue, WA

This a re-order for the Skin Biology 2-Step System. After two months of use my skin definitely looks better and feels better T. O., New York, NY

I have been using the strongest type of Tretinoic Acid (0.1%) (generic Retin-A) in conjunction with Protect & Restore. I have never been able to use this strength before , without either having to give up, or use a cortisone cream to combat the irritation. Protect & Restore reduced my irritation to zero. So far so good!
C.B., Vancouver, B.C.

Approximately three weeks ago I received your "2-Step Skin Renewal System" and began using it immediately. I have used Retin-A in the past and found it irritating and drying to my skin. I was surprised to find that not only did your creams not irritate my face but actually reduced blemishes and increased moisture in my skin noticeably. At the same time I am very impressed with the significant reduction in small wrinkles under my eyes and small wrinkles around my mouth.

I have recommended this system to my friends, and will continue to do so.

Yours truly,
D. B. , Salmon Arm, B.C.

I received my Folligen® tubes...... I also received your Protect & Restore skin cream. WOW! I can't believe my little wrinkles are disappearing in just two weeks! I hope to see good results on my scalp (hoping not to wait too much). Please keep up the good work on your products.

Just a note to tell you about my results with Protect & Restore®. I've been using an alpha hydroxy cream product in the morning for two years and it seems to be helping my skin, but I have had a lot of irritation. When I received the Protect & Restore® cream, I just used it (as an experiment) on one side of my face at night for two months, especially around my eyes and forehead.

Well, after two months, on the side of my face where I used both Protect & Restore® and the alpha hydroxy cream, the results were outstanding. The skin looked much better and I could see fewer wrinkles. Now I use both products -- the alpha hydroxy cream in the morning and Protect & Restore® in the evening. My husband says I look much better.

K.U., Vashon Island, WA

For several years I've used Alpha Hydrox for skin care and to remove fine lines and wrinkles and for clarity. I found it was quite effective; but there were two problems - it was irritating to my skin and still left little lines around my eyes.

I still use Alpha Hydrox but now I put Alpha Hydrox on first, then cover it with Protect & Restore®. Protect & Restore® is very soothing and stops the irritation and I no longer get skin redness. I've noticed a firming of skin and a smoothing out of fine lines. Protect & Restore® also makes a nice base for makeup. Thanks a lot, I.F., Bellevue, WA