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C P Ultimate Eye Cream Folligen Conditioner (2 oz) SAMPLE SIZETrireduction With Retinol (1/4 oz) SAMPLE SIZEP & R Body Lotion (2 oz) SAMPLE SIZEFolligen Shampoo (2 oz)
P & R Daycover (1/4 oz) SAMPLE SIZEExfolCream (1/4 oz) SAMPLE SIZESuper Cop (1/4 oz) SAMPLE SIZESuper Cop 2X (1/4 oz) SAMPLE SIZEExfolserum (1oz)
Folligen Spray 2 ozLacSal Cream (1/4 oz) Sample SizeLacSal Serum (5 ml) Sample SizeP & R with Retinol and Lavender (1/4 oz) Sample SizeTINPEP Hand Cream Sample
CP Serum Sample 1 ozSuper CP Serum 1 ozSqualane Sample Dr. Pickart's Liquid Cleanser 2 oz sample Retinol in Squlane Sample 1/2 ounce